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Weight of trailer is about 2000kgs Length is 4.2 meters height with flu is 2.85 meters Width 2.1 meters

All Approximate Measurements

The back flipping up is an extra cost.

We are not a franchise.
Have a look at what is out there on offer these days. Lawn Mowing Franchises, Carpet Cleaning, General Cleaning, Lunch Trucks.  In most cases, just the franchise fee alone is over $30,000 without the equipment, trailers and vans you have to buy. Then you are enslaved to them to do all the work they send you, and then repay them large commissions and monthly fees for it.

This trailer is yours and the money you make is yours, so start off part time and it won’t be long until you are running full time, if you want it to be.

We did it so why can’t you?

Just follow our business plan and how to advertise to get the work, and you will be making this business your full time job. Except it’s not full time. Most of the time during the week will be yours. You will be able to drop and pick up the kids from school, go play golf, go to the gym, hang out at the coffee shop or go for a surf. But when Friday, Saturday and Sunday comes around…get ready to WORK. Yes sorry, you will have to work at some stage and most the time it is on the weekends.


But is cooking Pizzas Really Work?

Don’t think having a coffee trailer will be better. Think about these two points before contemplating a coffee trailer. The average coffee sale is $3-5 compared to the average pizza sale of $15-18. The time to make a coffee and the time to make the pizza. The Pizza will take 3 minutes longer. Keep this in mind. Most venues will already have a coffee guy there. These coffee guys are everywhere. In most cases the event organizers will not have more than one coffee guy depending on how big the event is. They do not want too much of the same food trailers. They want variety. There are very few Woodfired Pizza Trailers and in most cases you will get in.  

Imagine the numerous locations at which to serve your gourmet pizzas – business parks, markets, sport events, fetes, truck stops, to name a few. Just doing private parties is a business in its self. We do all you can eat parties and we get all the bookings from the large events we go to. We give out promotional cards to promote our parties. We will teach you all of this once you buy the trailer. You will have access to our “Get Started” section in our website.

Not only is this a low-overhead cash business, but the flexibility allows owners to work at their own pace.

You can work part time or full time whichever days and hours you like. You can organize it around another job, save it for special occasions, or hire multiple employees to put the oven in use around the clock. The amazing part is it’s all up to you.


Our Woodfired Pizza Trailers are custom built in Australia and equipped with everything you need to make delicious pizzas right on site at any event or party. We can tailor the build of the trailer to your requirements.

Each trailer is outfitted with:

• A large Wood Fired Pizza Oven that can make several pizzas quickly


• A cold Baine Marie that provides separate storage for the pizza toppings. A must for your food prep Licence. You are not suppose to keep foods in Plastic containers unfridgerated.


• Triple sink with hot water. Yes this is a requirement now. One sink for washing, one for rinsing and one for washing your hands.


• A drinks Fridge


• Freezer


• And many more…

Yes we point you in the direction where to do your food prep course on line and how to get council approval, once you have purchased the trailer. This will all be covered on our “Get started” section on our website.

You will be given appropriate training to help you get your Woodfired Pizza Trailer business off the ground. You will become educated in:


• Local food laws and regulations

• Food preparation guidelines

• Functionality of the Woodfired Pizza Trailer

• How to get the work



Cost & Inclusions


The Wood fired Pizza Trailer Ovens can currently be yours at the price of $30000.00 AUD plus GST. GST can be claimed back in the first 3 months if you apply for an ABN or if you already have one. Trailer can also be depreciated each year for tax purposes. Please consult your Accountant for more advice on this.


Above price doesn’t include sign writing or registration of the trailer. We can organize sign writing at extra cost if you want.


Below is a summary for what you will be receiving for the $30000 AUD plus GST that you pay.


The trailer parts are as such:

100 cms (inside diameter) Pizza Oven – 3 years warranty 

Trailer 4m long by 2m wide by 2.3 m high and the chimney is 2.7 high. (1 Year manufacturers warranty)

1 x ABE dry powder fire extinguishers, 5 years warranty 

1 x fire blanket 

1 x refrigerated display unit, 1 year warranty (This item is used to keep all pizza toppings refrigerated before placing into chilled Bain Maree. It has 2 x glass doors for easily checking stock levels.)

Fully operating triple sink for hand washing and cleaning dishes. It has a 12 volt pump for the clean water which is in a tank.

In line water heater, this makes the hand washing compliant with governing bodies.(1 year warranty)

Chilled BainMarie (1 year manufacturers warranty) This is 1.8m long and slides out. It comes with all the stainless steel dish inserts and lids. It is chilled so to keep all pizza toppings cold while making pizzas to minimize the growth of bacteria.

1 x Mini Freezer (1 year manufacturers warranty) This has the capacity of 130 litres. You can use this to store frozen food.

1 x marquee 3m x 3m (below images is only for illustration purpose colour and brand might change without notice) This is for extra shelter and shade from the elements

2 x clasping tables, to serve on and also use for preparation if needed. 

12 x pizza trays. We supply this number due to 6 may be in the warmer, 4 for serving on, and 5 to prepare pizzas on.

2 x pizza cutters

1 x Digital infrared thermometer

2 x Pizza peels


All equipment required to start the fire:

Fire lighters



All cleaning products:

Multipurpose cleaner

Glass cleaner

Surface wipes

Paper towel

Food prep gloves

Dish cloths

Tea towels

2 x aprons

All the items requiring storage come in storage boxes and can all be stored on the pizza trailer in designated areas for easy access and packing

All electrical items are plugged into 240 volt power outlets, which are installed by a qualified electrician.


The trailer itself was purpose built. The oven we use weighs 1000kg and keeping this in mind we had the trailer engineered to suit our needs. Everything is stored under cover and has been placed in certain locations for weight distribution. We used a tandem axle trailer for the weight that is being towed. Because the trailer is purpose built, it sits perfectly on the road and is very balanced when towing. Yes it is heavy but it is really good to tow and does not bounce around all over the place. All the food preparation areas are stainless steel surface, this is to comply with food authority regulations. We have a wood storage area directly below the oven so it is easy to access when cooking and also is designed to keep all the wood dry.


There is also a big storage area at the rear of the trailer, this is for bulk drink storage in ice boxes. If you are at an event and selling a lot of drinks, the only way to chill them fast is by ice and therefore you have that capability to do so with this storage area.


To be able to prepare food and sell it you will need to hold a Food Safety Supervisors Certificate. This can be done online and takes up to 8 hours. 


To set up in certain councils the trailer will need to have a permit from the local council, have insurance, and also be food authority compliant, which this trailer is. We have designed this trailer keeping all these aspects in mind.

Having your own business with Woodfired Pizza Trailer is just a click away. Complete the simple form on our website or give us a call TODAY!!

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