Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Wood Fired Pizza Oven Trailer cost?

The Deluxe Trailer model is $30,000 + GST

Can this be worked part-time?


Is this a franchise?

No. This is your own independent business. You do not pay a royalty and you are not required to buy any products or stock from us.

Is it food authority compliant?


Does it need separate power to operate?

It would need generator or main power to run fridges and water pump.

Can I choose the sign writing on the van?

Yes absolutely. It's your business. You can be as creative or as personal as you want.

Is the sign writing included in the price?

No. This is your own business. You choose the branding and sign writing that you want.

How much does the sign writing cost?

You can use who you want for the sign writing and its around $1200.

Where are the trailers made?

Australian Made

Is there a warranty on the trailer?

One year Manufacture warranty.

What are the ongoing costs?

Public and product liability Insurance.

How long is the training? Where do I have to go for the training?

The training is half a day to a day depending on what you require. Its completed when you pick up the trailer from Sydney. If you don’t want to pick up the trailer we organize alternative training.

Where do I get the food from?

You can buy the ingredients/food from local wholesalers like Bidvest. We can direct you.

Do I need to have experience cooking?

No. It’s very easy to learn.

Do I need a qualification or certificate to sell/serve food?

To be able to prepare food and sell it you will need to hold a Food Safety Supervisors Certificate. This can be done online and takes up to 8 hours.

Do I need permission from the council to sell food from a trailer?

To set up in certain councils the trailer will need to have a permit from the local council, have insurance, and also be food authority compliant, which this trailer is. We have designed this trailer keeping all these aspects in mind.

Where are some of the places that you have sold Pizza?

Common Venues / Ideas Local councils Markets Rotary markets Tafes Hospitals Open days for schools Unis etc Private parties Engagement parties 21st Sporting clubs Fund raisers Truck stops, with permit approval Local markets

How many pizzas can you cook at one time?

11 inch x 5 and they cook in 3 minutes

How long to pay off woodfire Pizza oven?

The obviously depends on how much you want to work and how many pizzas you sell. One guy paid it off in 2 months.

How long do you spend at a party?

4 hours. We normally charge $25 per person all you can eat.

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